Optimize Your Efficiency & Throughput with Warehouse Fulfillment Services
Merit Logistics provides professional warehouse services and experienced labor teams to help your business maximize efficiency, throughput, and profitability for your operations.
Delivering Exceptional Service to Grocery Chains & Retailers Nationwide

Reaching peak efficiency demands a third-party warehouse partner like Merit Logistics. We are laser-focused on exceeding your specific production goals through continuous improvement and value-added managed warehouse services. As your business grows and evolves, you can count on Merit to solve labor challenges and provide support across your warehouse, new distribution or e-fulfillment center, a pilot program, or an urgent staffing need.

We offer you trained, flexible warehouse services teams, industry-leading associate retention rates, expert on-site management, advanced technology, and a uniquely agile business model that enable us to respond quickly to your changing service needs and directives. By applying principles and processes learned through decades of leadership in the logistics industry, Merit will deliver the highest quality warehouse fulfillment services possible for your distribution center.

Culture of Continual Improvement

At Merit, “good enough” is never good enough. See how we’ve helped our clients shatter efficiency records and improve profitability.


Agile By Design

From work stoppages and staffing shortfalls to holiday inventory boosts, Merit is a leading provider of contingency labor. Our expert travel teams can be put into action on demand to meet any warehouse staffing need.


Independently Owned & Operated

As an independently owned and operated 3PL provider, our only measure of success is your success. Our executives answer to you, not to a parent company.


Best Workforce in the Business

Merit employs a highly trained, full-time workforce. Our competitive pay, industry-leading benefits, and generous performance bonuses ensure that we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry year after year.
List of Warehouse Services
Merit Logistics provides comprehensive warehouse solutions, from individual services all the way up to facility-wide operations management. We specialize in warehouse fulfillment services, including inbound unloading, order selection, putting away, palletizing, loading, warehouse security, and sanitation.

Accordion Content

  • Unloading
  • Freight handling
  • Sortation & segregation
  • Receiving
  • Put away
  • Salvage/Bailing
  • Order selection
  • Palletizing
  • Vocollect order selecting
  • RFI selection
  • Pick to light
  • Pick sheets
  • Put to light
  • Stackdown services
  • Auditing
  • Loading
  • Warehouse Security
  • Warehouse Sanitation
  • Seasonal staffing
  • Labeling
  • Packing and store mod pallets
  • Transloading
  • Crossdock
  • Pallet yard
  • Pallet sortation
  • Pallet repair
  • Labor disruptions
  • Emergency support
  • Vocollect order selection
  • Lift truck operators
  • General warehouse labor