Get the Most Comprehensive Protection with Our Warehouse Security Services
Meritrax Security delivers the most comprehensive warehouse security solutions in the U.S. through its specialized expertise and state-of-the-art tracking and guard management technology for distribution and manufacturing facilities.
Live Gate-to-Gate Tracking for Asset Protection and Operational Transparency
Gain better visibility into your warehouse operations with our warehouse security system. This technology ensures asset protection, providing real-time insights into your inventory and personnel movements and enhancing operational transparency and efficiency.
Better Inbound Monitoring
  • Freight handling
  • Dashboard provides a snapshot view of all active loads
  • Live synching every 15 seconds
  • Track the unloading of every inbound delivery from the time it hits your dock through breakdown to final completion
  • Real-time status reports
Minimize or Eliminate Detention Charges
Merit associates can be assigned by management based on demand, increasing efficiency and preventing the longest-waiting shipments from reaching detention.

Meritrax Guard Management Technology

Accordion Content
  • Visitor management system
  • Trespass management capability
  • Cloud-based web portal for client access
  • Community security portal for all stakeholders
  • Real-time patrol management
  • Daily activity logs with pictures & video
  • GPS location tracking
  • Incident reporting system
  • Attendance verification
  • Real-time exception alerts
  • Special application for field supervisors
  • Task management system for customer service
  • Post order management
  • Secure transport tracking