Contingent Workforce Solutions for Your Flexible Staffing Needs
Staffing shortages shouldn’t disrupt your operations. Merit Logistics provides on-demand, temporary staffing/contingent workforce solutions to cover unexpected labor shortfalls, work stoppages, or holiday demands. Our highly trained, high-caliber Warehouse Travel Teams are available to provide back-up assistance to your warehouse or distribution center anywhere in the country 48 hours to On-Demand, helping you maintain peak operating efficiencies at your facility.
Providing Contingent Workforce Management to Leading Retailers
Merit Logistics provides the most responsive third-party logistics management services in the industry. Our Warehouse Travel Teams are comprised of highly skilled, top-performing associates who are well-prepared to address your urgent or emergency requirements. They are experts in every facet of the distribution process – from unloading and lift truck operations to order selection and palletizing. You can rest assured that Merit’s dedicated contingent workforce will come up to speed quickly on your products and operations. They adopt your goals as their own and work around your KPIs. Whether it is for three weeks, three months, or longer, our skilled warehouse workers will fill your temporary staffing gap and keep your operations running smoothly.
Warehouse Contingent
Labor Services
  • Pickers/packers
  • Material handlers
  • Order selectors
  • Forklift operators
  • Cherry picker operators
  • Reach truck operators
  • Pallet jack operators
  • Loaders/unloaders
  • Shipping/receiving
  • Inventory/fulfillment workers
  • Warehouse managers/supervisors (Logistics Management)