Leading Provider of Reliable Freight Handling Services
Lumper services offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce loading and unloading service times, and improve customer relations. When you partner with Merit, you can rely on our team to optimize your resources and personnel, give your drivers more time to rest, and reduce the risk of injury during the unloading process.

Your Partner for Optimal Distribution Center Performance

A distribution center’s loading and unloading services are the starting point for operational excellence. That’s why it’s critical to enlist a team that is reliable, responsive, and consistently focused on achieving your specific KPIs.

As a leading provider of lumper services for many of the nation’s largest retailers, Merit Logistics consistently improves efficiency, maximizes throughput, and increases KPI performance at every distribution center we service. We achieve this by identifying and training the most qualified on-site manager for your location and coordinating with your receivers to optimize your workflow. In addition, we hire, train, and retain associates who become experts within your specific freight handling needs.

3 Key Differences of Our
Best-In-Class Unloading Services
Merit Logistics provides comprehensive warehouse solutions, from individual services all the way up to facility-wide operations management. We specialize in warehouse fulfillment services, including inbound unloading, order selection, putting away, palletizing, loading, warehouse security, and sanitation.
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Meritrax is our proprietary freight handling software application that empowers our site managers to optimize your distribution center’s operating efficiencies. The system allows Merit site managers to:

  • Assess the status of every load from the moment it enters your yard.
  • Assign or reassign Merit associates on the fly.
  • Optimize labor usage and increase door turn times.
  • Minimize or eliminate freight unloading detention charges.

Also, as our client, you receive unparalleled visibility and transparency to:

  • Track freight unloading for every incoming shipment from when it’s checked in through breakdown and completion.
  • See status reports in real-time from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or cell phone.
  • Instantly know if a truck’s unloading is ahead, on time, or behind its 1-2 hour window.

With Meritrax, Merit team members are used as efficiently as possible. The result is increased freight handling productivity, product throughput, and improved profitability for your warehouse or distribution center.

Merit’s reliable and consistent freight handling performance starts by assigning the most qualified on-site manager to your location. Your site manager will:

  • Optimize efficient workforce performance.
  • Strive to achieve or surpass your specific KPI goals.
  • Constantly search for improvement areas, benefiting our associates and your bottom line.

In addition to provisioning your warehouse with an expertly trained on-site manager, our entire executive team:

  • Closely monitor service activity at your site daily.
  • Review daily start and end-of-shift reports customized to your KPIs.
  • Exercises oversight of staffing and performance levels.
  • Reviews quarterly customer satisfaction surveys to address opportunities for improvement.

Our site-specific reporting is also provided to your management team.

Merit Logistics distinguishes itself from other freight handling service providers by prioritizing customer care and support at every level of the organization. This high degree of corporate engagement ensures you receive focused attention and assistance to achieve operational excellence.

Merit Logistics also strongly focuses on providing our associates with opportunities to grow and prosper. Warehouse workers can have a job anywhere, but at Merit, they can have a career. Indeed, several of our executive leaders today started their careers with us as freight handlers.

Merit’s opportunities for career development and advancement benefit both our associates and our clients. Our associates:

  • Stay with Merit longer, which reduces re-training requirements resulting from higher turnover.
  • Achieve greater freight handling experience and proficiency.
  • Are rewarded for their performance and motivated to make Merit labor teams as efficient and productive as possible.