National Grocery Chain
Location: Cincinnati, OH

The Challenge

Continuous improvement is one of Merit’s core values. This drive for better results translated directly into higher efficiency and improved bottom line for our clients nationwide.

From the time we took over unloading services at a major grocery chain’s distribution center in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2016, we have steadily refined and streamlined operational processes. As a result, we quickly helped this DC climb to 3rd in the client’s network in terms of detention fees and IPE (Inbound Process Efficiency).

While 3rd out of 36+ locations is a very good ranking, our team wasn’t content to settle for “good.” The goal was to reach 1st place among all of the client’s locations.

Our Solution

Our team recognized that the current RCN (Receiving Confirmation Notice) process on inbound loads was not as effective as it could be. Working closely with the client, we were able to identify and develop a better approach to the current receiving process. By making targeted changes based on this particular location’s needs and workflow, we were able to maximize efficiency and achieve better results.

The Results

With the help of the changes we made to the center’s receiving processes, we were able to hit our target. The DC achieved #1 overall in IPE rankings with the lowest detention rates in the entire organization, saving considerable money for our client