Reduced Annual Detention Charges by Over $240,000 at a Single Distribution Center

Client: National Grocery Chain
Location: Shelbyville, Indiana


High employee turnover and low productivity resulted in slow door turn times which contributed to the extremely high detention fees being paid by the client. 


Merit Logistics reorganized the gate to gate inbound process and increased staffing performance through a reduction in turnover and an increase in retention through its Hire Right strategies. Merit also revamped the incentive programs and increased the rate of compensation, resulting in better attendance, higher efficiency and greater productivity.

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By streamlining the existing inbound processes and lowering the door turn times, Merit reduced the company’s annual detention charges by more than $240,000!

In addition, their improved incentive and compensation programs resulted in better attendance, higher efficiency and greater productivity. This resulted in more product getting processed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with an 18% increase in trucks turned per day, 23% increase in cases produced per day, and a 23% increase in trucks unloaded weekly.

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Number 1 IPE Ranking