Improve Operational Efficiency

Client: National Grocery Chain
Location: Delaware, OH


An unusually low unemployment rate of 2.8 percent made staffing a constant challenge for the client. In addition, the staff they did have was working excessive hours 6-7 days a week to meet production requirements which translated into extremely low retention rates and higher than normal turnover. This resulted in constant training, lower efficiency and lower overall productivity. 


Through its Hire Right and Retention strategies as well as its compensation rates and full benefits package offered to all employees, Merit was able to dramatically improve the retention rates for its staff.

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Merit’s proven pay-for-performance incentives and strong career oriented culture created an extremely motivated work force which improved operational efficiency and increased overall productivity. Merit was also able to regulate the hours of its staff while simultaneously improving performance which further increased job satisfaction of the employees.

Outbound stats:

Incumbent: 128 cases/hour

Merit: 191 cases/hour (33% increase)

Inbound stats:

Incumbent: 21 pallets/hour

Merit: 25.5 pallets/hour (18% increase)

Success story

Back to Back “Team of the Year” Awards