Third-Party Warehouse Services Provider or Temp Staffing Agency?

When your warehouse or distribution center is faced with a staffing shortage, there are two main alternatives for outsourced labor. You could take the course of hiring temporary help. Many DC operators or HR managers in this situation will call the nearest warehouse temp agency and request a number of part-time workers to provide the support they need to fill a gap. However, a better alternative is to hire Merit Logistics to provide your warehouse services. You should seriously consider this alternative to working with a temporary staffing agency, because it offers significant bottom-line advantages.

Temp warehouse staffing agencies simply can’t offer the same level of expertise as Merit Logistics. Temporary employees:

      • are not supervised
      • are not incentivized for their performance
      • require significant training by the client on how to work in their facility
      • may have the basic skills to unload a truck or pick product, but most often will not have the expertise, proficiency, and drive to succeed that distinguish Merit Logistics’ associates.

 While a temp agency may appear to be the obvious option to resolve a short term, immediate, or increased need for warehouse support, you might be interested to learn how a dedicated and professional workforce is truly the key to reducing overall operating costs, driving efficiencies, and allowing you to focus on actually growing your core business. Our warehouse teams – under the supervision of a dedicated onsite manager – keep our client sites operating at peak performance.

The Advantages of Expert Third-Party Warehouse Services

The Merit Difference vs
Warehouse Temporary Staffing

Merit Logistics is a leading provider of third-party warehouse solutions for distribution centers nationwide, offering them a superior alternative to temporary warehouse staffing agencies and the assurance of maintaining proper staffing levels at their warehouses. We will provide your distribution center with not only a cost-competitive labor alternative to temporary staffing, but a highly-skilled, dedicated workforce, who will very likely bring your warehouse to a new level of operational efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Merit Logistics:

  • Strives to earn your trust by consistently and reliably offering the highest quality services at the lowest possible price.
  • Has a proven track record of providing expert warehouse services for more than 25 years.
  • Provisions you with professionally-trained associates who are knowledgeable in every area of the distribution process – from unloading to put away to selecting and more.
  • Hires our associates as full-time employees and offers them industry-leading incentivized pay and benefits, which reduces employee turnover and encourages optimal performance.
  • Assigns a site manager to oversee associate activity, provide daily reporting, and drive continuous improvement at your distribution center.
  • Focuses on achieving your unique goals and KPIs.
  • Helps to maximize efficiencies and throughout at your facility, through a combination of exceptional service and technology.

If you’re ready to make the move from warehouse temp staffing to a highly-skilled and productive third-party workforce, call Merit Logistics today.

We’ve performed over 200 seamless transitions of service in warehouses across the U.S.

Still considering a nearby warehouse employment agency due to urgency?

If you need professional warehouse staffing immediately, learn more about Merit Travel Teams. One of Merit’s skilled teams can arrive to your warehouse within 48 hours.

Merit Logistics is the industry’s trusted source and premier provider of third-party warehouse services. For a complete list of our services, click here.

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