Lumper Services

What is a Lumper Service?

Lumper Service is when the shipper or receiver hires third-party workers to provide loading and unloading services for the freight on their trailers. This service is most commonly used within the grocery and food service industry. Ideally, lumper services can benefit all parties involved in the supply-chain (Drivers get more time to rest; reduces a driver’s risk of injury during the unloading process; faster unloading times enable driver’s to leave promptly). For the shipper/receiver, it helps reduce loading and unloading service times during periods of normal shipping demand and improves customer relations.

Reliable, Responsible and Consistent Unloading Services

Merit Logistics is a leading provider of lumper services for many of the nation’s largest retailers. A distribution center’s loading and unloading services are the starting point for operational excellence. That’s why it’s critical to enlist a team that is reliable, responsive and consistently focused on achieving your specific KPIs.

Our expert lumper service teams consistently improve efficiency, maximize throughput, and increase KPI performance at every distribution center we service. We achieve this by identifying and training the most qualified on-site manager for your location, and coordinating with your receivers to optimize your workflow. In addition, we hire, train, and retain associates who become experts within your specific freight handling needs.

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