Merit Logistics provides expert order selecting services for distribution and fulfillment centers nationwide.

Warehouse selectors are an essential link in the supply chain at every distribution center. Your warehouse order pickers are the key to ensuring that store and customer orders are filled accurately and on time.

Accurate, Efficient Warehouse Order Selecting Services

Merit Logistics provides expert order selecting services for distribution and fulfillment centers nationwide. Our warehouse selectors are familiar with the wide variety of warehouse environments, from general merchandise and dry goods to temperature-controlled fresh and frozen product facilities. Our associates can also assist with your e-fulfillment operations by picking and packing individual orders or loading/unloading customer totes.

Merit warehouse order pickers are skilled in a wide range of order selecting techniques, including:

  • Vocollect
  • Label Selection
  • Pick Sheets
  • Pick to Light
  • RFI Selection
  • Paper Picking

Our order selecting teams quickly become proficient in handling your specific products with care, speed, and accuracy. Merit is the most conscientious service provider in the industry, offering unsurpassed quality and reliability for your order selection requirements. When you hire Merit you hire the best, because we are 100% focused on protecting the interests of each and every client we serve.

Vocollect Order Selecting Services

Vocollect Order Selecting Services are an area of expertise for Merit Logistics. This popular technology, which offers voice-guided workflows designed to optimize the efficiency and accuracy of picking and packing operations, has been deployed by some of our largest grocery and retail clients and is supported by Merit Logistics’ order picking teams. Merit’s skilled order selectors are trained and experienced in the use of Vocollect’s hands-free headsets and devices, making it easy for us to adopt this technology if it is already in use at your warehouse.

Merit Warehouse Order Pickers are Highly Trained

All Merit Logistics’ order selectors are certified on electric pallet jack equipment and have successfully completed a comprehensive order selection training course which includes both written and physical tests. We spend time coaching each new associate until they are completely comfortable with your warehouse, equipment, and technology. In addition, the majority of our warehouse order pickers are also Level 1 and Level 2 Lift Truck Operator (LTO) certified, and so they have the qualifications to safely pick orders from high racks and support other areas of your warehouse as needed.

Merit Warehouse Selectors Place Safety First

To protect our clients and our associates, Merit places a strong emphasis on workplace safety. Our warehouse selectors are trained in general warehouse safety as well as the proper techniques and protocols for physical lifting and equipment handling.

Merit Warehouse Selectors Deliver Quality and Performance-Focused Services

Merit order selectors are trained to focus on quality and efficiency in their work, by ensuring that pallets are accurately built, efficiently cubed, and have had minimal touchpoints. In addition, our site managers monitor order selector performance and hold their team members accountable for their daily activities.

At Merit, we recognize the importance of incentivizing our warehouse order pickers for performance and providing each employee with opportunities to grow and prosper. Many of our shift supervisors, site managers, and executives began their careers in warehouse floor-level positions.

A combination of associate skills training, daily performance evaluation, incentive-based pay, and career advancement opportunities are what set Merit Logistics apart. Our order selecting teams consistently bring a new level of efficiency and profitability to the distribution operations we service, and the reporting we provide to our clients proves this time and again – how we significantly outperform our predecessor in cases picked per hour, per day, and per week.

Merit Order Selection Services regularly improve:

  • Selection efficiency
  • Order accuracy
  • Order completion times
  • Cost-per-case

Merit Can Dispatch Expert Travel Teams for Order Selecting Service and More

When your warehouse faces urgent or temporary staffing requirements, you can count on Merit Logistics to provide cost-effective, flexible, contingent labor solutions. Our highly skilled Travel Teams will arrive on site in as little as 48 hours to assist with order selection or any other area of warehouse services. Our Travel Teams are comprised of highly trained warehouse professionals that are experienced in all areas of warehouse services, so they hit the ground running to keep your distribution center and supply chain operating at peak performance, throughput, and profitability.

This kind of emergency responsiveness is why Merit Logistics is the trusted warehouse services provider and partner for leading retailers nationwide. We don’t just value our customers’ business. We earn it.

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