Service Records are Always Made to Be Broken

It only took 63 days for the Merit Logistics team to help our client achieve a record setting efficiency rating. That’s what Next Level Service is all about.

At Merit Logistics, the only thing better than setting a new service record is breaking one from a previous provider. And break one we did in Riverside, California in just 63 days from assuming the unloading services for one of the largest national grocery chains in the country. We’re proud to announce that our dedicated assoicates set the highest IPE (Inbound Process Efficiency) score of 85 that this location has ever seen in its history. This score measures efficiency in total unloading and put away times from the moment a shipment hits the dock. This shattered the previous high score of 70.

A Matter of Congestion

From the time we took over the unloading duties in mid July, we quickly began assessing the inbound processes for improvement. Our manager, Sergio Gonzalez, realized there was excessive congestion on the docks due to trying to service both drop loads and live loads simultaneously. He also recognized that historically, there had been a lack of supervision over the unloading activities from previous service providers.

Developing a New Strategy

Sergio recommended that we create three staggered shifts instead of the usual two. This would allow the first shift to focus solely on drop loads and the other two could focus on the more time sensitive live loads. He also increased our management coverage to free up valuable resources that could concentrate on the more critical tasks in the unloading process.

Immediate Improvement in Process Efficiency

The dividends were seen immediately which is what accounted for the rapid improvement of service efficiency from the previous provider. It was a great success story for this location, but this is they type of service excellence we have come to expect from our dedicated associates. Continuous improvement is more than a goal. At Merit Logistics, it’s one of our core cultural values. It’s what drives our team to strive to get better every single day and this tireless drive translates directly into Next Level Service and winning results for our clients nationwide. This success story is not only a testament to the dedication of our team, but to the steadfast commitment we make in serving our clients on a daily basis.

It’s also another example that at Merit, we don’t just value our clients’ business,
We Earn It.