Merit Logistics Promotes Vern Malpass to Chief Operating Officer

Merit Logistics Promotes Vern Malpass to Chief Operating Officer

Merit Logistics’ new COO, Vern Malpass brings 20 years of operational experience to benefit Merit Logistics and its clients.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA. — December 28, 2020 —Merit Logistics, a national third-party warehouse services provider, announced today that Vern Malpass has been appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO). Effective immediately, Malpass will oversee Merit Logistics’ operations, safety and business development divisions.

As Merit Logistics’ new COO, Malpass will apply expertise gained from over 20 years of hands-on warehouse and logistics experience. “I am pleased to make this pivotal appointment from within the Merit family.” Stated Merit Logistics Founder and CEO, Cesar Scolari, “Vern has the breadth of experience and understanding of this industry that makes him invaluable to our executive team.”

Malpass began his career in 2000 as an entry-level unloader with Staffworks, Inc. His drive and enthusiasm propelled him quickly through the ranks. As Site Manager at major distribution centers, Malpass began to sharpen his operational management skills and develop strategies for maximizing warehouse efficiencies.

Since 2013 Malpass has managed Merit Logistics’ Operations Division and in his role has been instrumental in developing a Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) program and a robust labor planning tool for more than 100 company locations. His expertise and innovative ideas have made a significant difference in labor management and efficiencies for countless Merit clients across the U.S.A.

2020 has been a challenging year for every segment of the supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic tested Merit Logistics’ ability to innovate and act fast. Malpass was a major driving force behind Merit’s success in swiftly getting clients’ products to the stores while maintaining safety in the distribution centers. Merit met the unprecedented increase in demand by quickly deploying well-trained, specialized labor including, vocollect order selectors and various types of lift truck operators.

“2021 is going to be an exciting year for Merit Logistics with many improvements and new advancements on the horizon,” said Malpass.  Merit has invested millions in a robust Merit Operating System “MOS” to bring meaningful reports to clients and tools for associates to streamline daily operations. Additional innovations are on their way as the company works to pair inbound services with the “Meritrax” security platform. This world-class innovation will streamline both the check-in and payment process at all locations nation-wide.

“Our associates are the life-blood of Merit,” said Malpass. “It is a privilege to lead such a talented team of service professionals and I’m committed to give our associates opportunities for growth as I was given.” Merit Logistics continues to find ways to ensure that efficiency improvements put money in the pockets of team members throughout the company. And, with programs like “Merit University,” associates have numerous opportunities to further their careers.”

“Merit is committed to flexibility, reliability, and operational excellence. This keeps us ahead of the curve in anticipating and tackling the demands of today’s top retailers,” said Scolari. “We take pride in our dedication to continual innovation; and promoting Vern Malpass to COO reflects this mission.”

About Merit Logistics, Inc.

Merit Logistics is a third-party service provider based in southern California that delivers comprehensive, leading-edge warehouse and freight handling services for the nation’s leading retailers and distributors. The company offers next-generation supply chain solutions and services that are driving peak performance, throughput, and profitability for their clients. An independently owned and operated company, Merit Logistics takes pride in its culture of continual improvement and innovation leadership. Merit’s Meritrax Security division, in keeping with the company’s core values, offers distribution centers and manufacturing plants nationwide a comprehensive and technology-driven approach to security.

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