Merit Logistics Partners with Relay Payments to Bring Efficiencies and Savings to Freight Unloading Services and Payments

Merit transforms its carrier receivables process into one that is fully electronic with Relay Payments, in an industry that still operates largely by paper check. 

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA — May 06, 2021 — Merit Logistics, a national third-party warehouse services provider, has partnered with Relay Payments, a provider of secure, instant electronic payments for the transportation and logistics industry, to exclusively accept electronic payments from carriers for its unloading services. After a successful launch, Merit Logistics is now deploying Relay Payments across its nationwide network of client distribution centers. The electronic payment solution allows Merit to run more efficient warehouse operations, accelerate door turn times, and improve throughput for their client distribution centers.

Merit has seen, in addition to saving time on the dock, how replacing paper check payments with a process that is fully electronic will enhance the profitability of their client distribution centers overall. Removing processes that rely on paper has also been welcomed by Merit customers, which include some of the largest grocery and retail chains in the country, because these Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies are increasingly focused on green/sustainability initiatives.

“Merit has joined forces with Relay Payments to streamline payments for our freight unloading services. About 80% of our carrier receivables were previously paper checks,” explains Robert Gunderson, CFO of Merit Logistics. “With the switch to Relay Payments, we will eliminate the direct costs associated with paper check payments. The multi-step manual process of handling paper checks involves phone calls, printed receipts, related expenses, and a host of issues impacting both carriers and us.”

“The savings for Merit are significant,” Gunderson continued, “The speed and efficiency of digital payments also provides a better and faster experience for carriers, helps us to optimize door cycle times, and reduces or even eliminates detention charges for our grocery and retail clients. Transitioning to a fully electronic receivables process for carrier payments has obvious benefits in all directions, and Relay Payments has made this move easy.”

With Relay Payments, drivers can pay from their cab, which enhances the safety and security of the unloading area and creates convenience and efficiencies for drivers. Relay Payments provides an instant,  contactless and frictionless way for carriers to pay.

“This is an industry that has historically relied heavily on manual-based payment options to conduct business. We are pleased to partner with Merit Logistics to bring the benefits of Relay Payments to their supply chain partners and the carriers they do business with. Merit saw the clear advantages of instant, electronic payments – to their company, their clients, and the carriers they service at their client facilities,” said Craig Swidler, Director of Partnerships for Relay Payments.

About Merit Logistics, LLC     

Merit Logistics is a third-party service provider based in southern California that delivers comprehensive, leading-edge warehouse services and freight handling for the nation’s leading retailers and distributors. The company offers next-generation supply chain solutions and services that are driving peak performance, throughput, and profitability for their clients. An independently owned and operated company, Merit Logistics takes pride in its culture of continual improvement and innovation leadership. Merit’s Meritrax Security division, in keeping with the company’s core values, offers distribution centers and manufacturing plants nationwide a comprehensive and technology-driven approach to security. Please visit

About Relay Payments

Relay Payments is a venture-backed fintech company building an electronic payment network in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. The company creates value for its customers and partners by providing direct, instant payments in an industry historically reliant on cash and checks to conduct business.

Trusted to process more than 250,000 transactions every month, Relay is spearheading the modernization of payments, ensuring America continues to run during COVID-19 and well beyond. Relay works with the largest carriers, freight brokers, and 3PLs in the United States, ensuring their products quickly get to shelves for consumer consumption. Please visit