How to Slash Costs and Boost Profits at Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

Maximum productivity and efficiency, iron-clad reliability, and a bigger bottom line.

That’s what every DC operator wants.

Unfortunately, you can’t just wave a magic wand and make it happen.

Reaching your production and revenue goals requires partnering with the right warehouse services provider. One that understands the nature of the modern supply chain, has the experience and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, and has both the skillset and the commitment required to help you maximize profits in an industry that never sleeps.

Merit Logistics has helped businesses around the country maximize supply chain productivity and profit, often reaching levels our customers didn’t think was possible based on the performance of past providers.

That’s no mistake. Our entire business model is built around maximizing customer outcomes.

Here’s how we do it.

The Best Workforce

At Merit, we understand that delivering consistently superior results is impossible without a first-class workforce.

Merit Logistics never settles for having anything less than the very best in the industry.

We optimize our workforce through:

  • Full-time only employment (no temps)
  • Higher pay
  • Industry-leading benefits
  • Strong individual performance incentives
  • Industry-low turnover rates
  • In-depth training
  • Experienced on-site supervisors at every location

Our compensation and performance incentives maintain a high level of motivation to not only complete the duties of the job, but do it at the highest level possible. Every member of our workforce is directly invested in our clients’ success, and it shows.

This alignment of interests is a key component of our success formula.

Independently Owned and Operated

Because Merit Logistics is an independently owned and operated company, our only measure of success is your success. Merit identifies your specific goals, priorities and KPIs then adapts them as our own to ensure we achieve your requirements.

As with employee performance incentives, this alignment of interests is critical for maintaining the highest levels of performance month after month, at each and every location we serve.

Additionally, our independence allows us to be highly responsive and pivot to meet changing needs extremely quickly. In the fast-moving, always-on world of supply chain logistics, speed and flexibility are critical.

Culture of Constant Improvement

“Culture” is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in the business world.

But at Merit, it’s not an empty phrase. After all, culture is what drives an organization’s big-picture results. And at Merit Logistics, our Culture of Continual Improvement is the reason that we are able to consistently outperform our competitors.

This culture is a result of careful choices at every level of our business. These include our “hire right” philosophy, our alignment of interests with our customers, our direct executive involvement in day-to-day operations, and our commitment to absolute accountability and transparency.

The end result is that we never settle for “good enough.” Merit is always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency. We stake our reputation and our business on delivering superior results for the lowest possible price, and we pursue that goal relentlessly.

Technology that Boosts Visibility and Reduces Detention Charges

Merit understands that detention charges can be a major drain on a distribution center’s profits.

Merit’s proprietary technology systems — especially our Meritrax Live Inbound Tracking and Live Gate to Gate tracking — give DC managers unparalleled visibility into moment-by-moment operations. This includes the ability to track loads in real time from the moment they hit the docks to the moment they leave the facility.

Merit’s technology solutions provide real-time visibility into load status, so that resources can be deployed in order to keep individual loads from ever reaching detention. As a result, our customers typically experience a significant increase in door turn time and a decrease in detention charges compared to other providers.

Experienced On-Site Supervisors

Our on-site management plays a critical role in maintaining the reliability, dependability, and superior results that Merit is known for.

Every location is staffed with an experienced site manager, along with any support staff necessary to ensure the highest level of consistency, professionalism, and performance.

All of our site managers are industry veterans with a wealth of experience in warehouse services. Their comprehensive understanding of warehouse and distribution center logistics allows them to instantly spot opportunities to boost efficiency by changing or optimizing existing processes.


In the logistics industry, the ability to adapt and respond to changing needs is more than just a luxury — it’s a requirement. Warehouse services providers that can’t adapt quickly are a liability to their clients.

Merit employs a highly skilled travel team and can deploy contingency labor to help with emerging needs at different locations within 48 hours. This flexibility to shift resources at a moment’s notice gives our customers the peace of mind of knowing that Merit will continue delivering at the highest level even when new challenges emerge.