Going Above & Beyond Earns Joseph Steidell a Client Values Award

Merit Associate Joseph Steidell’s quick emergency response earns him a “Values Award” from our client in Colton, CA. for keeping a fellow team member safe.

On June 3, when a Team Member of our client had a major medical event at their warehouse in the Inland Empire, a Merit Shift Supervisor named Joseph Steidell acted swiftly and with the presence of mind to handle the situation both effectively and with concern for the well-being of the Team Member involved. The team member was kept safe along with fellow employees.

The General Manager (GM) at our client site was very impressed with Joseph’s immediate and selfless response to an emergency event at their facility where Merit Logistics performs order selecting, freight unloading, and sanitation services. The GM notified our operations management team to say they would be honoring Joseph with a selective “Values Award” from their company.

The GM wrote to Joseph, “THANK YOU & a job well done! This type of action is worthy of a company Values Award for us & we look forward to recognizing you!”

His actions were brought to the attention of our entire executive team. Joseph is being recognized at the corporate level by Merit Logistics also.

Cesar Scolari, Merit Logistics’ CEO, said, “We greatly appreciate Joseph’s intervention and actions that helped to keep our client’s Team Member safe and others. Joseph, Thank You for being a model of personal character and for representing Merit Logistics and our core values so well. Your actions were truly ‘Outstanding!’”