Four Defining Points That Demonstrate How Merit Logistics Will Implement a Seamless Transition into your Distribution Center

Merit Logistics has perfected the implementation process. We’ve successfully transitioned service at over 200 locations nationwide. We know how critical it is to make every one a smooth experience to keep your supply chain running efficiently.  This is why we have earned the trust of some of our nation’s largest distribution companies.

Merit is the Ultimate Service Provider

  • Merit Logistics’ executive management team has proven successful expertise in strategic planning including the implementation process.
  • Merit’s proprietary technology systems and live inbound receiving dashboard increase efficiency, ensure consistent pricing and provide full transparency regarding our services and performance.
  • Merit identifies your specific goals, priorities and KPIs then adapts them as our own to ensure we achieve your requirements.

Exceptional Project Management Planning and Execution

  • Our transition leadership team has over 100 years of hands-on experience operating and implementing services nationwide.
  • Merit creates a strategically designed project plan used to complete a successful implementation and ongoing operation.
  • We bring in our best and most experienced project managers and operators to start up and oversee the implementation process from day one through steady state to ensure a flawless transition.

Proven Successful Training Strategy

  • Merit utilizes a detailed new hire orientation strategy to make sure our team is expertly trained and ready to perform at the highest level.
  • The safety of our associates and our clients is a top priority, which is why we employ a full-time Risk and Safety Manager to oversee safety training at each new start up.
  • In addition to our comprehensive on-boarding and continuous training programs, Merit also incorporates a Behavioral Enhancement Safety Team program (BEST). This program enhances observing safety on an individual level and encourages accountability among all Merit associates.

Specialists in Every Aspect of the Distribution Processes

  • Merit identifies and trains the most qualified on-site manager specifically for your location.
  • Merit provides expert personnel who will become specialists in the handling of your product.
  • We coordinate with your receivers to optimize your workflow, increase efficiency and maximize throughput.
  • Expert on-site management that monitors and directs all activities

When you partner with Merit, you get more than just a service provider. You get a business partner fully committed to helping you run a more efficient and more profitable business. We measure our success through your success and these four points are why Merit is the only warehouse service provider you’ll ever need.