Exceptional Service and Performance from the Dedicated Team in Shelbyville

Merit Logistics helps to distribute fresh and frozen foods at a cold storage facility in Shelbyville, IN for a major grocery chain.

Freight Unloading Services - Merit Logistics Team in Shelbyville, IN

Pictured left to right: Ovidio Montoya, Eduardo Monterroso, Cesar Serratos. Cesar is a supervisor with 2,391 days of service. Ovidio is a supervisor in training with 477 days of service. Eduardo is a freight handling associate with 74 days of service.

At around 2pm on Fri., Sept. 24, onsite personnel reported an issue with a refrigerated trailer during their regular yard check. Refrigerated trailers always seem to fail at very inconvenient times. Most of the unloading crew was already off the clock and on their way home. After a site supervisor heard the report over the radio, he and two other employees put their gear back on and headed to the dock door they had assigned over the radio. They finished breaking the truck down in 45 minutes and were ready to end their shift. Minutes later, a report came in of a second refrigerated trailer experiencing mechanical failure that was on its way to the facility. Again, these three employees stepped up. This time they had the trailer unloaded and broken down in just 30 minutes. To ensure the quality of the frozen product, extensive temperature readings and quality checks were performed. Thanks to this team’s initiative and sense of urgency, not a single case drifted out of tolerance and not a single product was lost.

Absolutely stellar service and performance by this Merit Logistics team!

Merit Logistics Freight Unloading & Warehouse Services

Merit Logistics is a leading provider of freight unloading and warehouse services for many of the nation’s largest retailers and grocery chains.  We realize that freight handling and unloading services are the starting point for operational excellence. At Merit Logistics we strive to provide reliable, responsive warehouse services that are focused on achieving our clients’ specific KPIs.

Our expert freight unloading teams consistently improve efficiency, maximize throughput, and increase KPI performance for the distribution centers we service. We achieve this by identifying and training the most qualified on-site managers, through workflow optimization, and by hiring, training, and retaining warehouse associates who become experts in our clients’ specific freight unloading and handling requirements.