MOS 2.0 is a Proprietary Labor Management System that Automatically Tracks Labor Activities, Resources and Productivity for Clients.
(Improving efficiency and profitability for retailers nationwide)


Merit’s new MOS 2.0 application will dramatically increase efficiencies in the supply chain logistics of distribution centers across the country.

This online application is accessible on any smart phone, tablet or computer and allows managers and supervisors to create shift and work orders, capture all timestamps, audit activities for accuracy, collect and report injuries, generate real time dashboards and more in an effort to streamline the logistics management process.

MOS 2.0 allows Merit to more effectively manage the unloading and warehouse activities of its customers by constantly analyzing data collected from various sources along the supply chain and converting it into highly actionable information. It truly represents the best of both worlds as it allows the company to increase the efficiency of its staff, which, in turn, allows the retail client to achieve greater capacity and profitability at its distribution centers.