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1.) We Develop a Culture of Continual Improvement At Merit, continual improvement is more than just another company goal. It’s our mission. It’s embedded in our DNA. We’re simply never content to accept the status quo. Instead, we’re constantly looking for ways to increase our efficiency and productivity, which ultimately leads to greater profitability for our clients. This culture is further reflected in our exceptional ongoing training programs. As a result, Merit associates are some of the most knowledgeable, dependable and experienced professionals in their field. Merit is also independently owned and operated, which allows us to constantly hone and adjust our systems to fit the developing needs of your business quickly and effectively.
A Focus on Innovation
An Investment in Talent and Retention
Providing Greater Insight and Intelligence

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MOS 2.0

MOS 2.0

Merit Logistics is a leading supplier of experienced vocollect selectors that can be dispatched to distribution centers within 48 hours.

Vocollect Expertise

Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Our proprietary internet based
warehouse tracking system gives you
real time activity information 24/7

Merit Logistics is a leading supplier of experienced vocollect selectors who can be dispatched to DCs within 48 hours.

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