What is a Lumper? Lumper Definition

Freight unloading services are still often referred to by truck drivers and carriers as “lumper services.” A “Lumper” is an outdated term used in earlier times to refer to workers hired by truck drivers right outside the warehouse where they were making deliveries. A lumper would be paid by a driver to help unload their truck. Most warehouses now hire professional third-party freight unloading teams, and these crews are sometimes still referred to as “lumper services.”

It may be obvious that there are significant risks associated with using untrained workers to assist with freight unloading. This practice has been replaced by the use of professional freight handlers contracted to work in the warehouse itself. This is a safer, more reliable alternative and now the industry standard.


Professional Freight Unloading Increases Driver Safety and Warehouse Efficiencies

Professional freight unloading services are also an alternative to drivers unloading freight themselves, which is something that most trucking companies will not even allow today. Carriers want to prevent drivers from experiencing excessive fatigue and risking bodily injury. Many grocery chains, retailers and even 3PLs will contract with third-party logistics providers for freight unloading services. This increases both truck driver safety and warehouse operating efficiencies.

What is a
Lumper Fee?

While drivers are responsible for paying the unloading crew “lumper fees” at the warehouse dock, there is still typically no incentive for drivers to unload freight themselves. Not only are they either deterred or disallowed from doing so by the carriers they work for, but the unloading / lumper fees they incur are typically reimbursed by the freight carrier or broker. In turn, the carriers or brokers are reimbursed by the product shipper for these lumper fees, and since the shipper is commonly the product vendor, these fees are often then passed along to the grocery chain or retailer purchasing product from the vendor. At other times, the grocery chain or retailer simply unloads products for free with no lumper fee paid by drivers, shippers, or product vendors. Instead, the grocery chain or retailer will pay the third-party freight unloading company directly for these services.

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