If you’re interested in boosting your company’s productivity, operating at peak efficiency and continually lowering your bottomline, then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the right place.

Merit Logistics specializes in developing supply chain solutions and programs that are strategically designed to accomplish all three of these critical business-building goals. With over 50 years of combined logistics experience behind us, we are true experts in efficiency and our proven professionals will help your company enhance its operational expertise, elevate profitability and remain ultra competitive in today’s highly-demanding retail environment.

Raising the Bar on Service Excellence
On the surface, many distribution executives think their business operations are running fine. But don’t confuse a lack of overt supply chain problems with true operational efficiency. In fact, top logistics professionals recognize the curse of complacency can often lead to settling for average production. They understand the need to continually evaluate their service providers and at Merit, we couldn’t agree more. Indeed, we’ve built our national reputation by constantly challenging ourselves to raise the bar on service excellence.

Two questions every supply chain manager should ask of their third party logistics service providers:

1. Is my 3PL provider proactive enough in identifying continuous improvement opportunities?

2. Is my 3PL provider quick enough at implementing process changes and other supply chain requests?

If you answered NO to either of these fundamental questions, then you owe it to your organization to explore the many benefits and advantages of working with Merit.

At Merit, we take great pride in not only offering the highest quality logistics services possible, but in becoming long-term, trusted business partners for every client we serve. We achieve these goals through the following four core values that truly distinguish us from other 3PL service providers.

Message from the Founder

Since we started our first logistics services company in the early 90's, we’ve seen the industry continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace. The technologies, services and staffing needs of retailers have become more complex than ever. And today, customers have more choices than ever before.

Merit Logistics is proud to be able to meet these challenges and provide retailers nationwide with an unparalleled level of service, commitment and determination to help their organizations thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.

The true measure of achievement at Merit is the success of our clients. We’re driven to be able to share in that success by developing supply-chain solutions that are strategically designed to help our clients operate at peak efficiency. We don’t just value our customers’ business. We Earn It.

Cesar Scolari
Merit Logistics

Merit enhances associate loyalty and cultivates a pro-employee culture through its peer managed programs, “Lean Thinking” and continual Process Improvement Training. And as a certified Minority Owned and Operated Business, the company values and promotes diversity.
Merit enhances associate loyalty and cultivates a pro-employee culture through its peer managed programs, “Lean Thinking” and continual Process Improvement Training. And as a certified Minority Owned and Operated Business, the company values and promotes diversity.

Merit enhances associate loyalty and cultivates a pro-employee culture through its peer managed programs, “Lean Thinking” and continual Process Improvement Training. And as a certified Minority Owned and Operated Business, the company values and promotes diversity.

1.) We Develop a Culture of Continual Improvement
At Merit, continual improvement is more than just another company goal. It’s our mission. It’s embedded in our DNA. We’re simply never content to accept the status quo. Instead, we’re constantly looking for ways to increase our efficiency and productivity, which ultimately leads to greater profitability for our clients.

This culture is further reflected in our exceptional ongoing training programs. As a result, Merit associates are some of the most knowledgeable, dependable and experienced professionals in their field. Merit is also independently owned and operated, which allows us to constantly hone and adjust our systems to fit the developing needs of your business quickly and effectively.

2.) We Focus on Innovation
One of the key reasons 3PL service providers are often slow to respond to the changing needs of their clients is outdated IT systems. At Merit, we understand that today’s supply-chain processes are extremely dynamic and constantly evolving. As a result, we focus on making sure our state-of-the-art IT programs keep up with these ever-changing conditions in order to provide you with the most responsive and efficient service possible.

We’ve developed a proprietary software program (MOS 2.0) that allows for unparalleled reporting capabilities and advanced automation. This powerful online application gives our clients the ability to capture and translate raw data into meaningful and highly actionable information on their Key Performance Indicators. It also arms us with the precise performance data required to build some of the most productive logistics teams in the industry today.

3.) We Invest in Talent and Retention
Merit never loses sight of the fact that our greatest resource is the high-caliber professionals we hire. We value our people and
that commitment translates into excellent results for our clients and our associates alike.
To attract and keep motivated workers, Merit offers industry-leading, incentivized pay programs that are directly tied to
performance and market wage scales. We reward employees with scheduled merit increases, we cultivate a genuine “team”
atmosphere and we offer the most comprehensive company-paid medical programs in the business. It all adds up to extremely
low turnover rates, longer-tenured employees and greater industry expertise across the board, which allows our team to
perform at optimal efficiency and productivity for our clients.

4.) We Provide Greater Business Strategies and Insight
At Merit, we believe in going beyond operational excellence. We are true innovators of supply chain processes who pride ourselves on spotting emerging trends, issues and concerns that can impact our clients’ business.

From regulatory issues to supply chain congestion problems, we are continually researching the logistics landscape in order to provide greater business strategies and insight to our customers. More than just another service provider, Merit wants to be a trusted business consultant that you can rely on to help your company reach its true potential.

Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?
What makes for a successful, long-term business partnership? Today, leading companies need to go beyond the basic factors in choosing and, more importantly, retaining the right logistics service provider. It’s important to know that your strategic partners work in your specific industry, that their own business is prospering and growing and whether or not there is turnover in their management team. But to truly streamline your operation, you need a provider who goes above and beyond to provide you the highest caliber of service possible.

Proven Experts in Efficiency
Since its inception, Merit has proudly helped many of the nation’s largest retailers achieve peak performance and higher profitability through its superior logistics services. The consummate professionals at Merit are proven experts in efficiency who pride themselves on helping companies like yours truly thrive by continually identifying improvement opportunities, delivering innovative IT solutions, investing in and retaining the top industry talent and in providing its customers with unique business
insight and intelligence along the way.

Call us today for a free consultation. We don’t just value our customers business. We earn it every single day.